Tuesday, 28 September 2010

For who ever you are

Baby I don't know who you are. You, that will be my last, that will be my leader and that will be my partner life. I just wanna write this. Write something that hit my head so hard, write something that always whispered by my heart. Who ever you are, trust me when I said "I miss you and can't wait till the time make us meet each other". Yeah, I want you here. Stay with me, walk in my right side, protect me, treat me as a princess and walk hand in hand to through this life.

Baby, I don't have any idea bout you. I just making sure my heart if you still do your life duty that make us can't see each other. But, believe me babe, I will stay here and do my duty. So, when us meet each other we will became a solid team and we will love each other.

And baby, I don't who you are, but you must know that I will be there when you wait and looking for me. :)

*For, who ever that will be my last and I don't know who is he.*


Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

wha, siapa dia ya?

ra said...

lets find out who is he ^^

atanotonogoro said...

hayooo siapa siapa siapa? ;p