Friday, 15 June 2012

Try And Error

Did you try to do something and it's failed?

Yes, I did. Those happened to me several days ago when I decided a new beginning for my blog. I want to make my blog have more advantages for my visitors and also for my self. An idea came to me and suddenly my life became had a light. Yeah, kinda a little light. I was really excited to gave a new things in my blog. A thousand cheerleaders on my mind gave me many supports. They never stopped suggested me to trust if the way which I chose was right. Then, I did it all out. Gave the best of it.
But, time gave me a different answered. I failed. I was shocked at the time I knew it. Some voices in my brain whispered to me if I am nothing, if I'm a looser, if I won't do the right things in whole my life caused I don't have any special skills. The point is, I felt give up.
I thought if I can't told anyone bout this. I was too ashamed if I told someone about my failed. I just silence and drown myself to a sorrow. 
In my silence, I seems like heard a voice from my head who said if no need for me to felt sad and give up. Because, to be success need to know how the feeling of failed for making us could appreciated all the process who we passed. By those failed, we could created our power from the ashes of our process before and made us stronger. We need  willpower and always try, try, try eventhough you will got some error.

If you find a lots eror phrase, I am so sorry b'coz I ain't using english for a couple month. don't hasitate to give the correction. Regard :D

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RIAN Ra-kun said...

that's the way of learning: trial and error :D